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Basic Information

Top vs Bottom posting  A style guide in USENET replies. Why 'top posting' is BAD: It makes the READER work harder!
The 'Jargon File' addresses this issue HERE
Duck Duck Go  RECOMMENDED Search Engine. These guys do NOT filter results based on history, or even TRACK YOU in any way, and the quality of search results are comparable to other engines.
GOOGLE  'Good' Search Engine (i.e. one of the best ones, when personalization and tracking are disabled).
For UNFILTERED 'anonymous' searching (i.e. not logging into any google services that might identify you) you can disable the personalized history-based filtering by going HERE and disabling 'customizations based on history'.
Blekko  Another (alternate) Search Engine. They promote themselves as the "spam free" search engine
RFC Editor, official RFC site.  RFC's are the basis for the internet itself, and are the documentation for the standard internet protocols (including HTTP, HTML, FTP, e-mail), as well as the more technical side of the internet and networking in general. A 'must read' for any hacker in larval stage, and a useful reference for the rest.
ASCII  ASCII is the core alpha-numeric character encoding scheme used by modern computers. This web site documents the 8-bit extended ASCII standard, along with corresponding HTML elements and other useful information.
INTERNIC - internet naming authority  Although less centralized than when the internet was originally formed, the INTERNIC site provides the 'central naming authority' for registering domain names. You can use it to look up the owner of a domain name, or as a starting point to register your own domain name.
ARIN - Internet Numbers  This is the 'American' Internet Numbering authority, but it provides the central database of the other naming authorities. If you want to find the owner of an IP address, this is where you will normally start.
IANA - assigned names/numbers  The IANA web site is the official place for the documentation of protocols and services and their corresponding 'numbers' (such as 'listening ports'). If you have a protocol that you are developing and want to register your own port for it, you can do this here. (don't do it for the sake of doing it, though, there are a limited number of available ports and your OS needs something to connect to the internet with).
ICANN  The ICANN web site is the central organization for coordinating "the internet" and all of the other 'naming' organizations within it (such as IANA and INTERNIC), and serves the role of accrediting DNS registrars, among other things.
W3C  The World Wide Web Consortium, definer and maintainer of standards for HTML and other web-related data formats. Additionally they have defined the official standards for the HTTP protocol, though the actual standard itself has been maintained within the RFC's.
IETF  Internet Engineering Task Force, overseeing "the internet" from an engineering point of view.
IRTF  Internet Research Task Force, primarily dealing with research with respect to "the internet" in accordance with RFC 2014
CAUCE - anti-spam  Unsolicited Bulk/Commercial e-mail (aka 'spam', all lower case) is a serious problem on the internet. The CAUCE web site has a LOT of information that can help you to to fight internet spam. But the Hormel lunchmeat is ok.
Free Software Foundation  The Free Software Foundation (aka GNU) is an important place for hackers for a number of reasons, but primarily because 'free software' is generally open source software, and freely distributable. Open Source software is also very useful when learning how to program computers, and it enables you to modify existing works to suit your own needs.
Zen and the Art of the Internet  An old, but great resource on the internet. A lot of the information is a bit outdated (like 'archie') but it is still a worthwhile resource.
IBM's Linux Tutorial  This is IBM's guide to using Linux, written for newbies, but still potentially useful for experienced people (like us). The section on running GUI applications as another user, for example, might prove helpful.

Hacker Culture and Definitions

The Jargon File  The classic 'jargon' file, also known as "The New Hacker's Dictionary" with a plethora of information about hackers and hacking, definitions, terms, and so on.
Care and Feeding of Your Hacker  An employer's or co-worker's guide to the proper treatment of a hacker. If you want a hacker to maximize his usefulness or helpfulness, or to simply understand the way hackers think and operate, you should read and study this.
How to Become a Hacker  From the maintainer of the Jargon File, a witty 'howto' on becoming a hacker
Asking Smart Questions  If you want hackers to ask your questions, you should ask wisely. This short guide is a good reference for how to get a hacker to help you on IRC or USENET.
The entire Hacker FAQ list at ''  The abovementioned links, PLUS additional goodies can be found within this list of FAQ pages regarding hackers, hacking, and hackerdom.
Why 'Emotional Quotient' is CRAP  There's been a lot of wasted effort on this RIDICULOUS concept, the 'EQ' or 'Emotional Quotient' or 'Emotional Intelligence'. THIS article talks about how wrong the concept is and gives some rather compelling examples, INCLUDING how the test can be 'fudged' (the author did), and why many of the claims are just, plain, WRONG

Operating Systems

Debian Linux  Debian GNU/Linux, considered by many to be the best version of Linux, and is 'free software' according to the definition by the Free Sofware Foundation.
FreeBSD UNIX  FreeBSD, one of the best versions of UNIX using the BSD kernel, also 'free software'. Download and installation are free. Funded by purchasing installation CD's.
SUSE Linux  SUSE Linux, a commercial Linux distribution that is very popular in Europe, and appears to be gaining popularity in the U.S.. Free installation possible via FTP on i386 platforms.
Slackware Linux  Slackware Linux, another commercial Linux distribution. Free to download and install. Funded by purchasing installation CD's.
Apple's Mac OS/X  Apple's Mac OS/X is an interesting evolutionary step forward that makes use of the BSD UNIX kernel with Apple's windowing system.
Microsoft Windows  By far the most popular OS to date, Microsoft's Windows operating system operates on more computers than any other OS.
Microsoft Services for Unix  This is a fully functional UNIX subsystem (Interix) for Windows 2k/XP, available at no additional cost. It includes the GNU compiler suite and standard tools (including csh) and is POSIX compliant. Additional (useful) information regarding Interix can also be found HERE
PalmSource  PalmSource, the home of the Palm OS, which was once the most popular OS being used by hand-held computing devices (somewhat recently upstaged by Android and iOS)

Networking and RAID

CISCO Docs  A lot of Cisco documents/stuff. Main web site HERE
RAID Tutorial  Tutorial on RAID systems, covering various 'levels' (this link points to level '0')

Software Packages

Open Source Alternatives  A very good resource for finding an 'Open Source' alternative to commercial applications. In many cases, this would allow you equal or equivalent functionality on an open source operating system that is NOT supported by a specific commercial application.

Software Development Tools, Documentation, and Resources

Learn Code the Hard Way  A series of online (and dead-tree 'hardcopy') books that teach various programming languages
W3Schools  An EXCELLENT and comprehensive reference for web development, or as they put it on their own web site:
Free HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, ASP, PHP, SQL tutorials with lots of working examples and source code.
GNU Compiler 'gcc'  GCC is the primary compiler used today in open source operating systems, (such as Linux and FreeBSD), and is even included in Microsoft's Services for Unix (Interix). GCC supports many software languages and CPU architectures.
C++0x specification FAQ  C++ is about to get a makeover with a new ISO standard (last one was 1998), and some of the new features may or may not be compatible with your code, so here's the new spec's FAQ.
MSDN - Microsoft  This is Microsoft's development platform, available as an annual subscription. Although it may seem 'pricey' for a 'professional' subscription, having all of the information, the operating systems, and compilers/tools seem a worth-while benefit for professional Windows developers.
This web site also offers free on-line documentation for Windows operating systems, and a large number of downloadable tools.
Gnome  Gnome is essentially a desktop environment for X Windows, that is gaining a great deal of popularity, and is likely to become a 'de facto' standard for X Windows development at some point in the future. Gnome uses the GTK (see next section).
X Windows  Probably the best 'central' link point for X Windows documentation and information, hosted by the 'X.Org' Foundation
XFree86 - X11  XFree86 is an X11 implementation that is 'free software'. It appears to be the most popular X system currently being used by *nix-based operating systems.
FreeBSD 'man' pages  Probably one of THE most useful on-line documentation sites for *nix developers, is the FreeBSD 'man' page CGI gateway. You can look up just about anything that would appear in the FreeBSD man pages from this site, including docs for X Windows and packages you haven't installed (but are available for FreeBSD). You can also download the source of the CGI application (for FreeBSD) so that you can provide a similar CGI gateway to man pages (it uses Perl and sed), from the 'FAQ' page.
Linux 'man' pages  Similar to above, but for Linux. Provided by '' Related link HERE.
PHP Programming  PHP Web Page programming reference index page. PHP is the most popular server-side scripting language, and is a project of the Apache Software Foundation.
JavaScript Resoures  What it says on the tin - links to a number of javascript resources
Code Project  Articles, news, code snippets, discussions, and other info for C++/C#/.Net
Computer Graphics Algorithms  FAQ page for '' newsgroup, contains reference material for graphics programming
Java Tools  Java tools and resources (from
Perl Archive  Perl sample code and other resources
Perl Documentation  Perl documentation (man pages, distribution docs, FAQ's, etc.)
C-C++ Users Journal  C/C++ Journal - The magazine web site, with on-line articles and plenty of sample code
Open LDAP  Probably the most popular open source LDAP implementation, with plenty of on-line documentation.
LDAP World  A 'jumping off point' for documentation and other information regarding LDAP, maintained by Innosoft International
Unix Directory Structure  A newbie's guide to a typical Unix directory tree, nice explanations of 'the differences' and where things are. A more detailed and comprehensive explanation can be found HERE (for FreeBSD) and HERE (for Linux) via 'man hier'.
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard  Official web site for the 'Filesystem Hierarchy Standard', a specification for a Unix file system directory hierarchy, designed for unix distribution developers, package developers, and system administrators.
Cross-Site Scripting Prevention Cheat Sheet  Cross-site scripting is a serious problem, particularly with respect to overly-complex web pages that make heavy use of scripting, and insert data elements from other web sites (or user input!) into the HTML or script, directly [including JSON]. Preventing this from becoming a security crater is important. That's what THIS web page is about, basically giving you a list of things NOT to do.

GUI Development Toolkits

OpenMotif  'OpenMotif', hosted by MotifZone (also
The 'Motif' toolkit is the "Industry Standard Toolkit" for X11 development, and is typically installed along with the X11 binaries in an X Windows installation.
GTK  The highly popular 'GTK' toolkit, for use with X11 and Microsoft Windows.
wxWidgets  The 'wxWidgets' toolkit, which uses GTK for cross-platform development. It's "MFC-like" syntax makes it ideal for converting existing Win32 C++ applications written using Microsoft's development tools to cross-platform applications that run on Windows, BSD/UNIX/Linux, or even Apple OS/X. The wxWidgets License allows distribution of "derived works" in BINARY form, so 'closed source' developers can still make use of the toolkit.
Additionally, they have an excellent resource on coding standards that they use for contributions to the toolkit, although C/C++ developers should still pay close attention to what it says, despite the obvious influence by Microsoft code.
Winelib  "Winelib" is a library that allows a Win32 application to be re-compiled for BSD/UNIX/Linux by linking with this library rather than with the Win32 OS libraries. The resulting 'subsystem layer' translates windows function calls into their equivalent "native" system calls and X11 calls (Wine and Winelib do not appear to require any additional toolkits to run).


CERT Coordination Center  Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering - CERT Coordination Center - Systems Security 'technical expertise'
K-OTIK French IT Database  A 'grey hat' web site that posts information about known system vulnerabilities, often including sample source that demonstrates the vulnerability (hence 'grey hat').
Network Security Library  Security information and bulletins, primarily for Windows. Affiliated with
chkrootkit  locally checks for signs of a rootkit
SANS  SANS, SANS school store - Computer security training, certification, research. Also on-line security information, forums, news, surveys, and so on. See also
Dutch Security  Dutch Security Information Network (english language also) and LINKS page.
Security Forums  Security Forums 'link site' (main web site)
Security Focus  Magazine-like web site, 'Security Focus' (news, columnists, and so on)
SecuriTeam  Another Magazine-like web site, "Beyond Security's SecuriTeam"
DShield  Distributed Intrusion Detection System - open source, free system, has graphical display on web site. A related 'FAQ' can be found HERE
SNORT  SNORT - another (popular) open source intrusion detection system. A related link to PHP software that makes use of snort can be found HERE
Honeypots  Intrusion-detection, incident handling, and (of course) honeypot information resources
Web App Security  A security-related web site that focuses on 'web applications' (i.e. CGI, PHP, '.Net', and so on)
Wireless LAN FAQ  Wireless LAN Security FAQ, of particular interest because insecure wireless LANs are often exploited by crackers
Unsafe File List  Knowledge Base 291369, the Internet Explorer list of file extensions that Microsoft believes to be 'potentially unsafe'. This is a good general resource for anyone concerned about filtering anything based on file extensions.
XP Services  ' Windows XP Home and Professional Service Pack 2 Service Configurations', a fairly long title to describe an informative web site regarding XP services. If you think you have a trojan or virus on your XP system, you might want to do 'netstat -a', list the running processes with taskmgr, and compare what you see to what's shown here.

Crypto / Encryption and Privacy

PGP aka 'Pretty Good Privacy'  The original PGP in its latest incarnation
GnuPG (open source PGP)  The 'Gnu Project' version of PGP, open source free software.
Bletchley Park encryption info  (broken, for sale?) Site is named for the famous 'Bletchley Park' group that cracked Enigma in World War 2
RFC 2440 (ftp)  OpenPGP Message Format
RSA Security  RSA Security owns the patent to the 'RSA' public key encryption algorithm, used by PGP and other systems.
Cryptography Research, Inc. 
Blowfish (no royalty, free source)  The 'Blowfish' algorithm is a well-tested symmetrical encryption algorithm that is royalty free.
Crypto Chamber (broken)  A non-U.S. based site with plenty of links to other cryptography sites
Online Cryptography Guide  Another cryptography info site, hosted by 'Online Computer Science Degree'
SSH Cryptograph A-Z  Another good resource for SSH, SSL, and https
'funet' cryptology (FTP)  This is one of the BEST resources (located outside of the U.S. of course) for sample code that demonstrates a wide variety of encryption techniques, both public and private key.
Crypto Introduction  A good introduction into Crypto
Randomness  Information on 'randomness' (which is helpful for crypto analysis)
U.S. 'Gummint' Regulations  Commercial Encryption Export Controls - the 'official' policy from the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security, U.S. Department of Commerce (updated in 2010, old link now broken)
C S R C - Publications  Computer Security Resource Center, Information Technology Laboratory, Computer Security Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology.
Handbook of Applied Cryptography  The 'Handbook of Applied cryptography', with sample chapters on-line.
Downlink's Files Page  a useful link page, recommended by silver
Encryption Learning Center  Lots of links to a number of educational resources on encryption on a number of different web sites. (hosted by a records information management company)

Hacker-Related Publications

The Register  The Register, an often humorous (and cynical) view of just about everything. Related link, the BOFH pages.

Hardware Hacking and Open Source Hardware

Electronics 101 Tutorial  A simple, moderately entertaining, and overall decent tutorial on basic electronicity and electronics
Wikipedia "Open-source Hardware"  Wikipedia page worthy of mention due to its interesting list of open source hardware projects
Open Source Hardware and Design Alliance  Not including THESE guys would make this list, well, LESS comprehensive, wouldn't it?
Open Hardware Summit  A web site dedicated to 'comprehensive conferences' involving Open Hardware developers
The Hacker Workshop  site description: "A Middle Aged Nerd Builds Stuff"
Arduino Playground  A blog site within the Arduino Website, ideal place for discussing your latest hacks with the Arduino microcontroller platform.
Lady Ada  A great project and general hardware hacking resource site, run by 'Lady Ada' (see also Her Store where you can get LOTS of cool hardware hacking toys, particularly microcontrollers and accessories.
San Diego Hardware Hackers SIG  A 'google group' for a bunch of engineers and hackers that like to 'hack hardware', in the San Diego CA area (monthly meetings), also mentioned HERE


MMA  MIDI Manufacturer's Association
This is the OFFICIAL web page for the MIDI spec (and everything MIDI)
MIDI specification  This is 'unofficial' documentation of the MIDI spec, but one of the best I've seen to date

OBD II (Automotive Computing)

OBD II Explained  An excellent 'FAQ' type of resource on OBD II. Additional links can be found HERE.
BAT Auto Technical  Commercial site for BAT Auto Technical. Main page has 'trouble codes' links, where you can get information on a specific brand of vehicle (for pre-OBD II systems) or HERE for OBD II.
Standard Codes  This web site (hosted in UK) lists standard codes.
NOTE: if you can't find your code, try a google search on "OBDII" and the actual code (Such as 'P1413').
OBDII Diagnostics  OBDII Diagnostics - info and a simple adaptor, one of the cheapest I've found, in 'kit form' even. Worthy of mention at least due to the fact that the software runs on MSDOS and Linux (as well as Windows), meaning that you can use an ancient 386/486 box in your garage just for working on cars. And now you know what to use obsolete hardware for!

Tutorials, Link Pages, Online Books, General Reference, Other 'Research' information, and Humor (Ar, Ar)

How Stuff Works  A general purpose 'how things work' web site
M I Stupid  An online (somewhat humorous) "knowledge magazine" with info on just about everything, stupid jokes, other stuff.
FOLDOC  Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing (FOLDOC)
Wikipedia  Wikipedia on-line encyclopaedia
Computing Dictionary  '' computing dictionary
I Sit in Siberia  A relatively famous web site that provides simple instructions for invoking common web protocols via telnet
NOTE: this web site is no longer available at the original site, hence the 'web archive' version
Echo Echo  Tutorials on component and web page building, including PHP
Free Online Books  Online Books that are Free Online for you to READ!
Samizdat Press  Another 'free on-line book' web site, also has lecture notes.
W3 Schools  Free online tutorials for web page building
World Lecture Hall  University of Texas web page, 'World Lecture Hall'
Mandragor & Apinc  Free Documentation Base
99 bottles of beer  A web site containing MANY examples of a program in different programming languages. Useful resource if you are trying to construct a 'hello world' type of application to test a language, or to view the differences in language syntax for various computer languages.
GTK 'Hello World'  An excellent 'hello world' GTK example, with sample configuration files for the GNU autotools to create a complete GTK project
Rute Linux 'How To'  This is an online book, a general 'HowTo' on Linux that's also applicable to other *nix flavors. It covers a variety of topics, including shell scripting, 'sed', and regular expressions.
Secure Linux Programming  Secure Programming for Linux and Unix HOWTO (online book)
BASH scripting (PDF)  Advanced BASH - Scripting Guide. A PDF file with useful information on BASH scripting, similar to a tutorial
Ccourse (  An on-line C Programming Course
cclass (  Another on-line C programming course
OpenGL Tutorial  'NeHe' web page, also has good documentation and info for game developers, and BEST OF ALL a tutorial on OpenGL programming
History of UNIX  Nice resource on the history of UNIX, diagrams, other information. Good detail, very informative.
PERL Packets  Packet creating/manipulation with perl
PERL Regexp  Perl Regexp crib sheet
LISP Book  LISP - Free Online Textbook
Common Lisp Cookbook 
LISP Loop Summary 
LISP Hyperspec 
LISP Analysis 
LISP links  This web site has many LISP links and also a VERY good "Why should I learn Lisp" article
All About Circuits  This is one of the best on-line references to DC and AC circuits, components, semiconductors, and anything else electrical or electronic that you might want to know about.
Best of the Internet  A tall claim to make, it's a great answer to 'how do you keep a geek/hacker busy'
Darknet dot Org  A useful link site, provided by Lord Shaolin.

How to Write Unmaintainable Code  Career Enhancement and Job Security through the creative use of code obfuscation that doesn't appear obfuscated at first glance. We've got to protect our jobs, Harumph Harumph!
And if you like that one, you might like How to Write Code Like a Newbie
"A newbie is intoxicated with the power of oo and wants to use it everywhere."
Master Foo and the Script Kiddie  A rather humerous take on the idea of a Master hacker and a would-be Apprentice. The 'True Path' to wisdom
Hack A Day  A new hack every day? This site is definitely worth a visit. These are true 'hacks', not the 'cracks' that your average script kiddie would be looking for. You know, REAL hacks, like using hamsters to generate MIDI input


Coffee 'man page'  A *nix-style 'man page' on coffee, brought to us by the '' guys
Starbucks Coffee  If you link to coffee, you have to link to THESE guys
Coffee Geek  Coffee Geek - Espresso Blends
The Espresso Index 
Coffee Review  Coffee Review - the world's leading coffee buying guide.
Espresso Top 50 

AH Regulars (and general info)

Gandalf Parker 
W()lf's Domain 
Lord Shaolin 
Digitlcoup  Also the 'Hack Attack' home page, run by Digitlcoup
Sekel  run by semi-regular 'sekel', has info on wireless networking, oriented towards newbies
Big Bad Bob  The link page author's web site.

Additional Info  Another 'FAQ' type web site with additional info on alt.hacker
RC5-72 Team  Instructions on how to join our team for the RC5-72 project

Self-promoted 'Information' Web Pages

Windows to Unix  Converting a network from using a Windows Server, typically as a domain controller, to using a Unix server. Contains general information on the subject, such as the software packages you'll need to install, and several inks at the bottom of the page point to 'quick start' guides for setting up things like DNS, DHCP, SAMBA.
Using Interix  Information regarding Microsoft's 'Services For Unix' (SFU), otherwise known as 'Interix'.
Data Encryption Methods  Information on Data Encryption, links, pointers to source repositories, and so on.

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